Thursday, December 16, 2004


iPod Cell? [UPDATE]

(Corporate Spy - Oct 28, 2004)

Recent speculation on the internet show Apple may have cell phone technology incorporated into a future ipod The new iPod Cell may incorporate Motorola and SigmaTel technology, both companies Apple is rumored to be dealing with. Apple currently suports cellphones using Motrola technology in their iSync software. This new iPod Cell could conect wirelessly via Bluetooth allowing for a wireless iPod.

Whether Apple releases a Wireless iPod or a iPod Cellphone is up for debate; but with the vast popularity and quick releases from Apple another new iPod can't be far away.


Forbes reports Apple and Motorola may be releasing a phone capable of playing songs downloaded from the iTunes wesite...

Most of the artical "confirms" features listed in our article...

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Microsoft Cheating Mac Users?

Speculation among Apple users is that Microsoft is cheating them with the Mac versions of their software, the biggest being their popular MSN Messenger. The Mac version of this software tends to be at least a year behind its windows version, even though most differences could be made in mere hours of programing.

The Mac version of Messenger was just updated to version 4.0.1, while the Windows version is currently at version 6.2. This means the Mac version is behind in several features such as:
- User images
- Games
- and much more...

The argument might be that Microsoft doesn't have any responsibility to Mac users so it doesn't need to invest at all in a Mac version; this maybe true but Apple has always kept its Windows versions of popular software such as iTunes and Quicktime at par with its Mac users.

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